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Limousine services require minimum bookings of 4 hours or more and can cost thousands of dollars.


Taxis are cheap, but it often seems passengers get even less than what they paid for.


Our service is free, but it will not be available to everyone.


We want to make sure that our passengers are among Hong Kong's most affluent and most desirable to luxury advertisers.


In order to book a car, a passenger will need to register with Breaze Cars using a Black or Platinum credit card, or be referred to us by one of Hong Kong's leading or exclusive companies, groups or clubs.


Our passengers will be professionals, executives and members associated with or customers of:


Financial Institutions

Law Firms

High-Rated Restaurants

Golf & Country Clubs

Private Clubs

Private Banks

Luxury Residential Buildings

Chartered Airline Service Providers

Luxury Serviced Apartment Operators

First Class Airport Lounges

Membership Reward Programs

Luxury Shopping Mall Operators


Our luxury fleet of Tesla Model S sedans will be available for point-to-point travel around Hong Kong with no reservation fees and at no charge.


The only time you’ll pay is if you don’t show up for your scheduled pick-up or if you cancel without proper notice.


In order to ride with us, you’ll need to register with a black or platinum credit card, or be referred to us by, or verify that you are a professional, executive or member of, or associated with, one of Hong Kong’s leading or exclusive companies, groups or clubs.


Please contact us if you would like to receive information about how to register or if you are a corporation, group or club that would like to provide your stakeholders or members with the ability to register and receive additional benefits.

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